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Annual LVSA Spa Membership dues are $400.00

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  • Invites to all events
  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • Company listing on web site
  • Web site advertising opportunities

Code of Conduct - Please Read Carefully!

The Las Vegas Spa Association serves the local resort and day spa industry. As a Spa Member of LVSA, we consider it our mission to enhance the quality of life through the spa experience. To this end, we endeavor to provide quality products and services. In order to fulfill our mission, we pledge the following:

  • The Spa will open its membership to persons of all races, creeds, and places of national origin.
  • The Spa must be able to respond to any foreseeable emergency event that threatens the health & safety of the spa users.
  • The Spa is an equal opportunity employer.
  • The Spa will cooperate with our customers toward the continual growth of the Spa experience.
  • The Spa will utilize our benefits of LVSA membership solely for the purposes and under the guidelines for which they were established.
  • The Spa’s supervisors must have demonstrable professional competence.
  • The Spa agrees customer satisfaction will be the determining factor in all our business dealings.
  • The Spa’s continual growth of services and standards will always be a goal.

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